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India is the inheritor of one of the most ancient and evolved music systems in the world. The continuity of the musical traditions of India is established through a study of musical texts and numerous visual references one finds of musical instruments in painting and sculpture from prehistoric times to the present day.

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INDIAN EXPORTERSS is an Indian brand that promotes traditional and modern Indian musical instruments which play an integral part in the study of Indian culture.

Their categories range from Sitar to Veena, Tabla to Dholak, and Harmonium to Sarod.

Find all Indian musical instruments on indianexporterss.com.

Musical instruments are the tangible and material representation of music which is an auditory art. A study of these helps in tracing the evolution of music and also explains many aspects of the material culture of the group of people to which these instruments belong. For instance, the hair used for making the bow, the wood or clay used for making the drum, or the hide of animals used in the instruments, all these tell us about the flora and fauna of a particular region.

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